SEND Parent / Carer Forum

Dear Parent /Carers,
I have previously organised a very useful and friendly parent/carer coffee, tea, cakes afternoon for all of our families whose children may have special educational needs. These meetings gave us an
opportunity to discuss and reflect on what was going well, what could be improved and also to create a plan of people we could invite to our meetings who could support us all in lots of ways. The best part of these meetings is that parents/carers have the opportunity to meet each other, feel listened to and to share really good advice/tips. 
Last time these meetings were warm, friendly and non judgmental, they remained confidential and, I feel, developed a very strong positive network of people who came together, staff, families and other professionals to support our children to achieve their very best emotionally, socially and academically.
It would be brilliant if you could attend at 2.15pm on Friday 23rd November 2018 and we will finish in time to collect the children. If you are unable to make this date please do not worry, my intention is for us to meet each half term so there will be another opportunity to meet up after Christmas.
If you let me know whether you can attend I will know how many cakes/mince pies to get - if you have any ideas/points for discussion please pop them into an email and i can create a list for us for on the day.
Kind regards
Mrs Henshall