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Year 2/3

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Hello and welcome back following the Christmas break. I hope that you were able to have a relaxing time with your child admidst the craziness that Christmas always brings. I would like to thank you sincerely for the cards and presents that I received. I do not expect anything but it is much appreciated. The Spring term is set to be an exciting one with both a trip to Technoquest and Sing Fest planned (for Year 3) and a trip to Wheelock Farm and some adventures with Barney Bear (for Year 2). The children have settled back into school this week beautifully and I am excited to get started with everything that we've got planned. Please see the Spring Curriculum Overview in the 'Files to Download' section for more details.

This term will see teachers using the webpage on a weekly basis and I will now be informing you of what we intend to teach each week. We hope that this will give you the opportunity to speak with your child about what they have been working on and to support them with their learning.

As always, if you have any questions relating to any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or see me at the end of the school day.


Our Story Topic this term is 'William and the Missing Masterpiece' by Helen Hancocks. It is a picture book about the theft of the iconic painting 'The Mona Cheesa'. I read it for the first time for the children on Friday and they were enthralled by it. It will spark lots of imaginative writing and we may even go on a class trip to France one day! I hope that the children will love this book as much as I do.




We will continue learning about the UK in geography, focussing on London and then progressing onto learning about maps. In Art we will draw and paint pictures of London landmarks and paint the Eiffel Tower in the style of Matisse. In science our Autumn topic is 'Light' for the first half term and 'Plants' for the second half term.


Spring Term Dates for your diary


Thursday 30th January @ 6.30pm - PFA meeting at school

Tuesday 4th February @ 5.30pm - Parents Forum

Wednesday 12th February - PFA Disco

Thursday 13th February - Year 2 trip to Wheelock Farm

Friday 14th February - School Closes for Half Term

Monday 24th February - School Reopens

Thursday 27th February - Dodgeball for interested Year 3/4 at the High School.

Wednesday 4th March - Parents' Evening

Thursday 5th March - Dodgeball for interested Year 3/4 at the High School

Thursday 12th March - Hockey Skills Festival at the High School.

Thursday 19th March - Interested Year 2 children to go with Bronze Ambassadors to the High School

Tuesday 31st March - Class Photos

Thursday 2nd April - PFA Disco

Friday 3rd April - School closes for Easter (Non Uniform Day)



During this half term our PPA on Tuesday afternoon will be ICT and Geography with Mrs Riley.

P.E. will usually take place on a Thursday afternoon this half term. Please make sure that your child has the correct kit for going outdoors as this will usually be the case.

Kit: Pumps or Trainers, black track suit bottoms or shorts (weather dependent), yellow school t-shirt and black jumper.



We are trying to encourage the children to bring healthy snacks for breaktime. A piece of fruit, breadsticks or a snack with a low sugar content would be preferable and I would really appreciate your support with this


Water Bottles:

Please make sure that your child comes to school with a named water bottle. We encourage children to drink water regularly.



Children will be given homework each week. This will consist of a daily reading, a piece of grammar, spellings and Maths. Please see the homework letter in 'Files to download' for more details. Children who are unable to complete homework at home will be encouraged to join the homework club. 



Please read with your child daily as this will have an impact on all areas of their learning.  They have a planner that you can date and record their reading in.  Please write a short comment when you have listened to you child read as we now expect every child to read at least 4 times a week minimum.



We will be sending 10 spellings a week home for the children to learn.  They will be tested on a Friday with a new set of spellings being sent home on a Friday afternoon.



Year 2 SATs in reading, writing and maths take place in May. Since the children are only 6 and 7 years old we do our very best not to make a big deal out of the tests. We try to make them fun where possible and make sure that they have been exposed to similar tests a few times before hand. The children will take the tests in small groups and will sit with a familar adult (Myself, Miss Keatman  or Mrs Riley). From Wednesday 15th January I will be starting SATs Booster Classes (hot chocolate included) until 4pm with the year 2s. This will give them the opportunity to experience lots of SATs type questions in a fun way.




  • Write a modelled non-chronological report about Paris
  • Mark the non-chronological report about Paris
  • Retell the story of William and the Missing Masterpiece
  • Handwriting


We will begin using our new maths scheme this week 'Maths - No Problem'. 

  •  Multiplying by 4 and 8
  •  Dividing by 3


  • Investigating which colours show up best in the dark.


  • Creating a simple map to show the landuse around school
  • Research about London and the UK


  • Practising our songs for Sing Fest


  • Continue to draw either Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or The London Eye on larger art paper.


  • Looking into some of Jesus' miracles


  • Spreadsheets lesson 3



  •  Spelling Wordsearch
  •  Spelling Handwriting
  •  Read as much as possible!

Thank you so much for all your support with reading over the past 2 weeks. The children are very keen to let me know that they have read when they come in each morning and I am noticing a difference already. 




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