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Business Enterprise , by Mr Whiston

Date: 4th Feb 2020 @ 9:31am

   2019/20 Alsager Community Trust Enterprise Challenge

On Tuesday 28th January 2020, Mr Bundy had the pleasure in taking children from Mrs Walker’s Year 6 Class to the High School to compete in the Final of the Alsager Trust Business Enterprise challenge. The challenge is designed to be an interactive and thought-provoking way to introduce young people to the importance of business thinking, economic awareness, financial literacy and developing their ability to work in a group. The students had to create their own business idea, design and produce a product (or service) that could then be sold for a profit within their school environment (including any Christmas fairs).

Emily Wells and Martha Dale represented Highfields but unfortunately Martha was ill on the day, Emily had the sole task of competing against all the other schools in Alsager - all of which had 2 teams of up to 6 children. Quite a challenge I am sure you would agree, especially when you are on your own!

Upon arriving at the High School, children were able to set up their stall and showcase their products that they had created and sold at the school Christmas Fair. There was some tough competition! Here is Emily showcasing her idea.

As you can see below, one school had a special visitor – the man himself (Alan Sugar).


The children had to calculate how much it will cost to produce the product (or provide the service)? The clarity of this costing formed part of the judgement around the most successful team.

Decide on their pricing of the product (or service), showing how they had decided on the price and what charity they wish to support with their profits.

Allocate a role to each of the members in the team and their job title, these could include:

a.       Production Manager – in charge of making the products (or service)

b.       Finance Manager – in charge of the money (costs and prices)

c.       Managing Director – the boss of the team

d.       IT Manager  - creates a summary of all the activities and the presentations.

e.       Sales and Marketing Manager – How to sell the products.

The Cup winner for the Business Challenge 2019 / 2020 this year went to Excalibur School, the Best Presentation cup was awarded to St Gabriels School.

A special recognition award went to Emily from Highfields for her outstanding contribution to the Enterprise Challenge which was also recognised by children and staff from other schools.

Well done Emily!

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