Communication Thursday

Dear Parents / Carers

I hope you and your families remain safe and well. Many thanks for all the positive comments we are receiving from families about our remote learning offer and the support we are providing. This week our daily Breakfast Club started and has been very well attended, we have distributed more laptops, our reading book swapping service has started and we have approximately one third of our children in school on a daily basis. It is really frustrating when I hear in the media that schools are ‘closed’, they most certainly are not and we are very busy. As I am sure many of you are aware, this week is also ‘Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week’ and we have posted various related items and links on our website and social media feeds. If you have completed any of the activities linked to mental health awareness week and positive wellbeing that you are happy to be shared with our school community, please e mail your photos and comments to Mrs Henshall at and we can share them on our social media feeds and website. It is important that we remember to support and look out for each other, especially during the current situation. However, as I have said before, it is important to remind ourselves and our children, that it is perfectly normal to feel a ‘little flat’ or ‘fed up’ sometimes (especially at the moment), everyone does and that is not a sign of mental illness, it is human nature.

As we approach half term, I would like to praise all our fantastic young people and brilliant staff for the way in which they have approached and managed this difficult start to the term. We do not know anymore as yet, about the full re-opening of schools to all children. The date of the 8th March remains the government’s ambition but that all depends on certain conditions being met, so we will continue with our current offer for the foreseeable future. The one minor thing that will change after half term, is that rather than using ‘Zoom’ for the daily class tutorials and targeted tutorials, we will be using ‘Microsoft Teams’ instead. This is much better platform and will allow staff and children to do much more with it in terms of teaching and learning. The staff have been completing training on how to use this over recent weeks. This is the only change, everything else will be as it is now, apart from as from Monday 15th February, all tutorials will be conducted through ‘Teams’. I will send more details about this in next week’s newsletter.

Please remember we are here for you and to contact school on if you have any questions, need support or have any ideas as how we could improve what we are doing.

Best wishes and please keep yourselves safe.

Richard Middlebrook

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