Safeguarding Council 2019 - 2020

Alsager Highfields' Pupil Safeguarding Council 

Who are we?

We are a group of children from Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6) who work together to help our school to be safe for all of us, children, teachers and visitors. We are supported by Mrs Henshall (Assistant Headteacher/Senco).

What do we do?

We meet regularly in the Star Room to discuss safeguarding in our school.  We have talked about how our school keeps us safe and how we can all help to make it even safer! 

Last year we developed posters to show how our school keeps us safe and how we can make it even safer.

Our actions include carrying out Safeguarding walks together with our Site Manager,  Mr Forster, and our Business Manager Mrs Frost to inspect our perimeter and identify the needs of our school.

We are working together to make an action plan and to decide on our first actions.

Autumn - What are we going to do this term?

  • Make sure that our front gate is kept closed in school hours. We are going to run a whole school poster competition which will encourage and remind everyone to close our doors and gates properly, especially when visitors come and they do not always know to ensure the gate is locked.
  • We are going to organise an assembly on 'keeping ourselves safe' that we will deliver together to share what we learned about at the Alsager Safeguarding conference that Year 5 and 6 Safeguarding Champions attended.
  • We will also invite our PCSO to come in and talk to us as a whole school.


If you have any ideas/suggestions for our Safeguarding Council or you know someone might be able to help us to develop our ideas further then please email Mrs Henshall on

Useful websites

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