Roles and Functions of the Governing Body

Functions and committees of the Governing Body


Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is committed to working in partnership with the Head teacher and all the staff of Alsager Highfields to ensure that a strategic framework is in place which will provide the best possible education for our children, and will expose them to a wide range of stimulating and challenging activities. The day-to-day running of the school rests with the Head teacher.

The Governing Body monitors the educational performance of the school and acts as a “critical friend”. We also ensure that our financial resources are well spent in the best interests of our children.

The Governing Body is committed to safeguarding our children and promoting their welfare at all times. We expect staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

Structure and remit of our Committees

Here at Alsager Highfields we have four committees which enables smaller groups of Governors to focus on particular areas in more detail. This allows us to fulfil our responsibilities as effectively as possible. Specific issues are discussed and decided upon in these committees. Their decisions are then brought before the full governing body for ratification. These committees are:

  • Personnel Committee - it is up to this committee to ensure that we have excellent, caring and motivated staff looking after our children at all times. These governors take an active role in the appointment of teaching staff and ensure that they develop their skills through training, and they check that their performance is regularly reviewed.
  • Finance Committee – this Committee oversees the financial management of the school, setting the budget and monitoring expenditure. To ensure that our children receive the best possible education and experience at Alsager Highfields, this committee is committed to getting the best value from the money spent.
  • Health, Safety and Buildings Committee – this Committee is responsible for ensuring that the school buildings and grounds are kept in excellent condition and adhere to the current health and safety requirements. It monitors the policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our pupils, staff and visitors whilst on our premises, and on school activities outside school.
  • Curriculum and Assessment Committee - the priority of this Committee is to ensure that our school delivers the highest standards of teaching and learning for all our children. We guide, monitor and evaluate the delivery of the curriculum and the standards of teaching and learning. We also evaluate the strategies being put in place to improve the outcomes of all our children, and check that staff development is being implemented effectively. This committee will also monitor the introduction and implementation of the new assessment system adopted by the school. We are also responsible for reviewing and updating school policies and procedures regarding teaching, learning and safeguarding.

Constitution of our Committees

Personnel Committee

Christine Wright (Chair), Richard Beck (Vice Chair), David Spall, Stella Bowler, Doris Burgess, Suzanne Ellis, Philip Whiston, Lisa Henshall

Finance Committee

David Spall (Chair), Martin Williams (Vice Chair), Stella Bowler, Suzanne Ellis, Philip Whiston, Lisa Henshall, Liz Horwell

Health, Safety and Buildings Committee

Simon Bishop (Chair), Stella Bowler, Philip Whiston, Shirley Jones, David Spall, Suzanne Ellis

Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Shirley Jones (Chair), Neil Barnett (Vice Chair), Suzanne Ellis, Philip Whiston, Lisa Henshall, David Spall, Christine Wright, Vanessa Howard