Remote Learning Monday 25th January



Good Morning everyone. 

I hope that you all had a good weekend. Thank you to all those of you who have sent in the work that I requested last week. Could the last few of you please send in your adverts for the house as soon as you can? Thank you. 

This week, I would like you to send in the work that you will complete in History today and the work you complete in English on Wednesday.

 You will find your work for each day on the Home Learning Brain Builder. You can print it off and tick off when you have done the activity or just look online to save paper and ink.If you are unable to print off the worksheets, you could write the work in an exercise book or on paper. You could also complete it on your lap top, if you have one, and save it on there.Any Power Points are attached to the web page each day.

There will be at least four hours of work provided each day and there is the expectation that you complete it please. The Zoom meetings each day will give us the opportunity to sort out any problems. The work being set is,on the whole, following the work that we had planned for you in school. I will be asking for certain pieces of work to be sent to me each week and I will be checking that you are accessing the online websites that have been set for you.

I suggest that you follow a timetable like we do in school. At school, we normally start with our reading, so why not spend 30 minutes reading? After that, I would complete your Maths. Then, you could have a short break and do the work set for English. I suggest that you then have lunch, although if you want to have a shorter break for lunch, you could finish earlier in the afternoon. I would start the afternoon with Spelling Shed and then Times Tables Rock Stars. Today, you have History. Other afternoons you will have other wider curriculum subjects.

There is some good news- I won't be setting you homework!

Have fun and do your best,


Mrs Walker x




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