Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?  (Also known as Disadvantaged Pupils)

Additional money is given to schools by the Government to support Disadvantaged Pupils. This money is linked to eligible pupils and given to the school they attend. It is distributed in addition to the school's budget. Decisions for allocation of this money links to deprivation indicators such as Free School Meals.

How do we use our Pupil Premium Budget?

At Alsager Highfields we aim to meet the individual needs of each pupil. We recognise that some pupils may need additional support, others may need challenge and extension. Through thorough and rigorous tracking of the progress of our disadvantaged children we ensure that support is provided first and foremost through Quality First Teaching, then through discussions with the Head and/or SENCo, the allocation of additional teaching assistant hours, or specific programs or interventions. The aim is to raise both attainment and progress.

How is progress measured?

Teacher assessment, validated by standardised tests (NFER and SAT's), recognised national assessments used by the school and both in-school and cluster moderation of children’s work is used to ensure the progress of each child is tracked. Class teachers meet the Headteacher / pupil premium champion each term to discuss, as a separate and specific pupil progress meeting, the progress of their disadvantaged (Pupil Premium) children.

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