A thriving organisation which works closely with the school, parents and others associated with the school to advance our children’s education .We support curriculum activities, organize after-school events for the children and fund-raise to provide additional equipment and fund activities. 
The parents and guardians of every child on roll at our school are members of the Association plus other people who are committed to the school and wish to be involved in our activities. We hold our Annual General Meeting in September when a Committee is elected to run the Association until the next AGM. 
Last year we raised over £4,000 for our school and paid for a new sound system in the School Hall as our main project. The Association provides a gift for each infant when Father Christmas appears with his sack at their Christmas party and a leaving gift for each eleven year old transferring to secondary education. We contribute to special activities during Activities Week and respond to requests made by the school for support, throughout the year.
Our fund-raising is fun and involves the children and everyone associated with school. The children love our regular discos and non-uniform days some of which have a theme such as ‘stripes’. We encourage the children to raise money for special charities such as Comic Relief and the Tsunami Appeal. Our Summer and Christmas Fairs raise large amounts of money and are enjoyed by the local community many of whom return year after year. The school is the venue for the local Inter-School Sports as we have a large field and excellent parking facilities and there we are selling refreshments and helping to make the event enjoyable for all. 
We encourage the children to participate in artistic and sporting activities to help raise money. Colouring, and drawing competitions are very popular and the children raise lots of money in a sponsored outdoor activity day. 
The range of our activities is immense and all the children benefit from the monies raised. The adults enjoy the social side of fund raising and friendships develop through organizing and participating in events. At every opportunity we involve our Pre-School Playgroup, Highfield Hoppers, in our activities which help to raise awareness of our work with the next generation of parents.

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