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Mrs Millichap: EYFS lead               Mrs Henshall: SENCO, Assistant  Mrs Ward: teaching assistant

Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs                     head, EYFS teacher (Fridays)


Week beginning 14.09.2020

Full days for everyone

This week the children have all been in full time and have thoroughly enjoyed their full days especially as we have been blessed with such lovely weather. They now have even more friends to play with and are gaining more understanding of the routines of the day. During the week the chidren have taken part in our whole school zoom assembly and loved seeing all the other classes on the big screen. Our first star of the week was chosen and the children were introduced to Rex - the class dinosaur. They have also taken part in their first PE sessions which have been super fun!


Our learning this week

The children have begun learning their Read, Write, Inc sounds this week and have been taught how to read and write 'm' and 'a'. The children looked at a marvellous marrow with their magnifying glasses and enjoyed finding things beginning with 'm' and 'a' in the outdoor area. These sounds are written in their reading records see if your child can remember them at home. Everyone practised writing their names with the correct formation and making name art using mutlicoloured buttons which are displayed in the classroom.


In maths we have been learning all about the number 'one' using the Numberblock cbeebies as a launch pad to introduce the idea of numbers to the children in the context of the world around them. The snappy animations and loveable characters combine with engaging storylines to gently introduce concepts of number to support early mathematical understanding. The children really enjoyed 'number hunts' to find one of something in both the indoor and outdoor environments. They have learnt that one can be represented in different ways e.g. one finger, a spoken word, a movement and a numeral. We have also learnt some related vocabulary such as first, alone, only, once. The children have practised the stem sentence to talk about a single unit e.g. "I can see one apple."



One marvellous world and one me

Thank you for all the family photos that have been sent in. The children really enjoy looking at these on the big whiteboard and talking to the class about them. Please continue to send them in over the next few weeks for us to share together. The children have enjoyed looking in the mirror this week to see 'someone special' and have drawn their self portrait for our #selfie wall. We have been thinking about what we can do now we are in the reception and the children have been telling me with confidence about how they put their jumper in the right team basket by themselves, pedalled the big bike, washed their hands with soap independently and helped each other. We have been setting our own goals and targets both indoors and outdoors for example, how high can we jump, how fast can we fill our containers, what kinds of sandcastles can we make? A super start to following the golden rules, trying new things and thinking of others. The children have listening to several stories inclduing two of our key texts for this term, 'The Colour Monster' and 'Topsy and Tim go to school.'


Learning opportunities

Next week we will be reading the story of Elmer and celebrating our differences during circle time. The children will make their own patchwork Elmer using whatever colours or patterns they would like to. We will continue to talk about our famililes and share our feelings in response to the different stories we have read. We will continue to write our names using the correct formation and in phonics we will be learning the sounds 's' and 'd'. In maths we will be learning about the number 2, including counting and the structure of 2. To support this, we will be using animated resources from the cbeebies Numberblocks  programme.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend,


From Mrs Millichap and the EYFS team



General useful information

Just a few reminders that you may find helpful. The day begins at 8.50am when Mrs Millichap and Mrs Henshall will come to the reception gate to welcome in the children. The school day finishes at 3.10pm and either myself or Mrs Henshall (Miss Hook on Tuesdays) will  see the children out and will be available then should you wish to chat to us about how your child is settling in. We are always happy to talk to you should you have any concerns, all we ask is if you’d let us see the children out first to ensure their safety. We also warmly welcome you to approach us with any general queries or if you would like to share any information that will help us support your child throughout their reception year. Our relationship with parents and carers is of the upmost importance to us and we are keen to get to know all of you as well as your wonderful children.



Children are now coming home with their green book bags including their reading record and picture book for you to share together. Please ensure you write a comment in the record when this has been shared with your child and sign the bottom of the page so we know they have been read to. Books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please send your child into school with their book bag every day which they need to bring into the classroom and put into their team basket.


Lunch and Snacks

Morning snack will be fruit, milk and toast if required so no snacks need to be sent into school. Toast will be free for the first half term then if your child would like to continue having toast it can be paid for online for the 2nd half of the term. Children will be given a water bottle which will be kept in school, washed out and refilled each day so please do not send in other drinks. They will be encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day. All children are entitled to a free school meal so you do not need to provide them with a packed lunch unless you would like to.



P.E. lessons will be every Tuesday and Wednesday. The class will be taught P.E by Miss Hook on a Tuesday afternoon to cover PPA time and by Mrs Millichap on a Wednesday. Please send children in their PE kit on both those Tuesday and Wednesday dressed appropriately for outdoor PE e.g. t-shirt, jumper, jogging bottoms and trainers.


Website Information

Please have a look at this page of the website each week to see photos of what your children have been doing throughout the week (for those that have given permission). We will also let you know what each of our topics are as they develop, to help you build on your child's learning at home.

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