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Weekly update: Sunday 12th July 2020

Hello everyone,

I have added the files for this week, your last week in Year 4!

It has been a very strange and new type of learning for us all during this secong half of this academic year, but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for everything that you have done over the whole school year. I have loved getting to know you all and I have enjoyed hearing about all of the things you have been doing at home in addition to the fabulous home learning that you have completed. Thank you for all of your emails, photos and the work you have shared with me.

You all need to be super proud of how you have completed the home learning and a massive thank you to all of your amazing parents, carers and siblings that have helped you along the way.

You will return to school in September to your new Year 5 teachers, either Miss Crowther-Green or Mrs Dyde, but I look forward to seeing you around school too.

Have fun with this last week of home learning, remembering to email me your letters, memories, acrostic poems and photos - I love receiving emails from you.

I will be in school this week with the key worker bubble, so please don't worry if you don't hear back from me straight away, I will reply to you all after the end of term.

Have a fabulous summer with your family, remember to keep reading so as you can share more book recommendations with me!

Thank you to you all,

Love from Mrs Windel. xxx

Your daily PDFs are in the files section below. Instead of separate files for the different activities, there is now one PDF per day that contains all of the files. I hope that you find this an easier format.

During this half term, we will be using the White Rose Maths tasks as one of the daily options. Each day I will direct you to the correct video to watch, and then the 4 page worksheet activities to complete will form part of the daily PDF. I hope that you enjoyed using it during the first week.

We will also be using Purple Mash maths activities, and you will receive daily alerts when you log on which will direct you to that day's task.

As always, you are free to contact me via email and I will respond and continue to keep communication open that way.

Please remember to keep reading, aiming for 30 minutes daily and then complete regular Accelerated Reader comprehension tests to check your understanding of the books you are reading. 

Take care everyone.

Love, Mrs Windel.

Please remember to keep up with your reading, and where possible, complete AR comprehension tests after reading your book by clicking on the link below. Always check whether or not your book is on AR by checking on the AR Bookfinder website, which is also linked below.


Original message: Mrs Windel's Home Learning Page

This will be our new page for us to keep in touch whilst you are all learning from home.

I will add photographs and images of work shared with me and things that you are doing at home.

You already have your maths text book and blue books, plus you have your art sketch books to get creative in. I have added a special arts page with additional links, not just the 'Draw With Rob' that we looked at together in school.

Accelerated Reader is open for you to do testing at home during the day now, just remember to use the ARBookfinder page to see whether your book has a quiz.

Purple Mash work will still be sent to me, and I will check this and leave you comments to let you know that I have seen your work.

I will be checking my emails, so should you wish to send me photos for the website showing me what you are doing, then please forward these this way.

My email is

I am already missing you all, but look forward to seeing and hearing about what you are all doing at home.

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