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Weekly update: Sunday 12th July 2020


Hi everyone.Well can you believe that it is the last week of term and your last week at Highfields. This year has been such a strange year and I can honestly say that in all my 31 years of teaching, I have never known a year like it.

Every class that I have taught is special to me and I have fond memories of them all. When I meet children in their late 30's( even 40!) out and about, I ask them how long it has been since I taught them and we work out what year that would be - with you that will be easy, as you will always be my Lockdown Class of 2020. 

Before school closed, I was having a lovely time teaching you, as you are such a great bunch of children. You were all working so hard and you have continued to throughout Lockdown. I have so enjoyed receiving your work, photos and updates of what you have been up to.I am so pleased at how hard you have all worked during your time at home. You and your parents/carers should be very proud of what you have achieved. 

I am so sorry that you have not been able to enjoy the events that leaving Primary School involves: your trip to Menai and the Pyjama Fashion Show; the Leavers' Party; and the Leavers' Assembly. I imagine the thing that you are most devastated about is not having the pleasure of sitting your SATs!

I hope that you all settle well and make lots of new friends at Alsager School. When I go to the Swimming Baths or to see Mr Galley in the Music Room, I hope that you will all say hello. If you see me out and about in Alsager, then please make sure that you come over for a catch up- you will more than likely find me in Costa or on the sidelines of a football match at the Sports Hub. 

Goodbye and Good Luck! If you ever need me, you know where I am. My door is always open!


Mrs Walker xx

P.S Have a great Summer!



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Mrs Walker's Home Learning Gallery 

Albert and Charlie C have been keeping up their great writing at home. Albert has produced a super autobiography as Kensuke and Charlie's advert about the Island of Lubang is very persuasive!


Anya has been busy again this week. She has really enjoyed the work on life-cycles in Science. She produced a fact file on butterflies and she said that she had enjoyed watching some caterpillars as they grew into butterflies.Anya has produced a super autobiography as Kensuke. I think that you will all like the label for a can that she created. She designed a label for a Can of Laughter- we could all do with a tin of that!


Albert has created something to blow your socks off! He designed a label for a can of Explosive Tomato Soup!


Charlie C enjoyed the work on Soccer Aid and writing an autobiography as Kensuke.


All five of the Jardine chicks have hatched. Prepare to say aah!


Wilbur and Woody created an original poster to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Albert has been working really hard.He produced some great work linked to Kensuke's Kingdom and produced a super helicopter using rippped paper. 


Anya produced a super set of instructions and has been really enjoying the Science during Lockdown. She produced an eye catching poster to stop people using plastic for our work linked to World Oceans Day. 


Our art for this week was to create a transition like the artist Andy Goldsworthy using things from around the home. Wilbur, Charlie C, Albert, Anya, Harry D, Riley and Lewis Jackson created some fantastic transitions. Take a look:


 Anya created a rainbow. There is a video of her tidying up on the Class Gallery Page. Charlie C created a happy octopus and a sad octopus.

Riley made a washing machine transition out of washing. His mum said he then tried to make it look like he actually knows how to load a washing machine!



Harry and Lewis J went along the traditional Andy Goldsworthy route , whilst Albert went modern, with what he is calling his Techno River.Wilbur created a rainbow of colour.


Here's Alfie

Alfie has been having great fun during Lockdown.His dad organised the family their very own Bushcraft Week.Alfie learned how to safely featherstick, light a fire and cook his own soup.He has spent quite a few nights out in the garden camping in various tents and saw the ISS going over. He has been watching lots of documentaries, being experimenting with clay and doing yoga. Apparently,he's been following some yoga videos and with his brother and sister has made his own series of movements with meditation at the end, which Joey nearly fell asleep to.


I have really enjoyed reading your Trees Through the Seasons poems. Anya, Albert, Charlie C F and Lewis P really enjoyed writing them.


Charlie C F is enjoying reading Kensuke's Kingdom.

Anya has really been enjoying the Science this week. She has taken some photos of some plants in her garden that are pollinated by insects and the wind. She found a strawberry plant that sends out runners too.



Anya has had a very busy week! She has researched about Bernard Lovell and Elizabeth Moreton- two of the colleges at Alsager School are named after them. She has completed co-ordinates work in Geography and created a super poem which is below. Anya has enjoyed our art work, working in the style of Matisse, and her Mum and Dad even joined in. Everybody seems to be working hard except for the dogs!



As this is Mental Awareness Week and the theme is kindness, I thought it might be nice to mention what some of our children have been doing.Wilbur and Woody( Mrs Dyde's Class) have been part of the Alsager Coronavirus Support Group with their Mum and have visited the vulnerable people to collect their shopping lists, been to Asda, carefully picked the shopping (checking the prices to get them the cheaper options and checking the sell by dates) and then taken the shopping to each house. They have  talked to the people to make sure that they do not feel lonely. This week, they have had a thank you from Cheshire East Council- well done Wilbur, Woody and Mum!


We used Jenny Joseph's poem 'Warning' as a stimulus to write our own poem about all the things that we would like to get up to when we are old. Albert, Charlie C ,Wilbur and Anya intend to get up to some very daring things!



Lewis created a great poem about the things that he would love to get up to when he is old. He also produced a  great picture in the style of Matisse.


Martha, her dad, sister and her dog enjoyed a walk from Alsager to the Wedgwood Monument near Talke. It is amazing what we have on our doorstep! Check out Martha playing the clarinet and the piano on our class gallery page. Click on Gallery at the bottom of the page. You can also see all the photos of the class working at home.



Stan has been doing what Stan loves doing - MATHS!



Albert and Anya produced some fab Mehndi Hand Art.


Letter to a Key Worker Response.

Harry wrote his letter to a keyworker to an old school friend of his mum, who is a nurse called Claire.She is usually a children’s nurse but the wards that she usually works on were converted to be Covid-19 wards and she has been working very hard in these wards ever since. She was really grateful to receive the letter and said it made her day and she shed a little tear too! She sent Harry the photos of her below-one of her how she normally looks and another fully covered with the PPE she has to wear on every shift she works! 




Prepare to be Scared!

Riley, Albert, Issy, Charlie C, Anya,Harry Charlie C F and Emily W really enjoyed the writing task this week - a ghost story. Read on if you dare!






Emily has been busy preparing a sweet hamper for her brother Luke's birthday.Happy Birthday Luke! She has also been busy making delicious custard cream biscuits- I would love one with a cup of tea. She also made some banana cake. Her dog Evie has been helping- probably to eat it!



For Geography, Anya, Charlie and Riley labelled the British Isles and marked on places special to them.


Anya enjoyed the science investigation this week- testing what was soluble and insoluble. She also made some biscuits for the dog- they look good enough for me to eat!




Albert's street had a socially distanced VE street party.They had  afternoon tea with homemade lemonade and the family played darts with their neighbours-two separate dart boards were used 2m apart.They  played bingo with the surrounding neighbours 2m part and they topped it all off with a BBQ where Albert toasted marshmallows.


Have a look at what we have been making to celebrate VE Day.

Albert, Anya and Leighton created some great designs for VE Day teacups.



Emily wrote an invitation for her mum to attend a VE Party. If it wasn't for lock down, I would be trying to gatecrash!


Leighton researched Henry Royce - one of the colleges at Alsager School is named after him.

Issy has been having fun in the sun.



Albert wrote a letter to Colonel Tom which he is posting. Another task set was to write to a key worker- Albert wrote to the bin men- he is going to leave it for them next time they are on their round- I am sure it will make their day!




Riley wrote an amazing letter to Colonel Tom- Riley said that his arm ached with all the writing. It is definitely a letter to be proud of!



Look at Milly and her family all hard at work home learning.


Issy made a birthday cake for William and George's birthday- see the video at the bottom of the page.She also made the most delicious Oreo milkshake- I haven't dared to show my boys as they would be so jealous.


Charlie C looks like he had great fun creating and attempting his obstacle course.



Charlie wrote his letter to Colonel Tom and sent me a copy. He is posting the letter to Colonel Tom. 



Who's the new teacher Riley?

Riley had some help from Pawfessor Roo with his maths today.


 Today, for our art lesson, we learned about Cubism and the art of Pablo Picasso and George Braque.The task was to draw two self portraits- one from the front and one from the side- and then cut them up and re-arrange the pieces to make a new face.After that, you needed to add some big flat areas of colour. Emily W said that the task was fun. Take a look at what she created.


Albert attempted the Cubist self- portrait art work too.


Harry wasn't too sure about doing the art work, but actually enjoyed doing it in the end. 

Harry's little brother Alfie just wants to be like his big brother- here he is doing some home learning like big bruv.


Setting Description

Using an extract from Berlei Doherty's, The Girl on Silver Lake, we wrote a setting description choosing a section of a picture from the book You Choose by Pippa Goodheart and Nick Sharratt.Have a read of what Harry P, Anya and Charlie C came up with.


Here's Harry!

Harry enjoyed making a reading den to read in. He has been working out with Joe Wicks. Looks like you needed a lie down after Harry! Harry is looking very professional in the kitchen - he must have learned some skills playing the baker in Cinderella Rockerfella! 


A family working hard together at home.


Emily W has made a fab reading den Look at her brother, Ben,trying to photo bomb the picture! 


Emily W has been working so hard at home- take a look at her lovely work.



Anya did some brilliant research about Captain Tom.

Anya's dogs have a message for you.


It was Oscar's birthday last week - Happy Belated Birthday Oscar! You can bring in your lollies when we return to school.

Charlie enjoyed a walk along the canal and enjoyed reading in his garden.



A really bad thing about the lockdown for the teachers is when the pupils do some fabulous baking and they can't bring it in to school for the teachers to taste. Nevaeh's mum says that her baking is GOOD. It certainly looks DELICIOUS! What do you think? I could just fancy a piece of that cake with a nice cup of tea.



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