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Year 6


Autumn Term 2020

Welcome to Year 6. This year will be a very busy and  important one, as we will be working hard preparing for our Year 6 SATs in May. Although we will be working extremely hard for our SATs throughout the year,we will also be having great fun along the way and we have lots of exciting work planned. Our aim is to prepare you for your SATs but also to give you a broad and balanced curriculum.At the heart of everything we do,is the aim to make your last year at Highfields a memorable one!


So what have we got in store for you in the Autumn Term?

We have some really exciting work planned for the Autumn Term. Our History topic for this term is Ancient Greece (which is one of my personal favourites) and our Story Topic will be the Greek Myths using the book The Orchard Book of Greek Myths by Geraldine Mc Caughrean as our starter. We will also dip into other books and watch video versions of the myths too.


These myths will be the inspiration for lots of our writing.I can't wait for you to: encounter the mythical Minotaur- part man, part bull; discover the curious Pandora to find out what she unleashed; and enjoy the story of the Gorgon Medusa, who  lives a  long, long way away at the edge of the world- a woman with terrible claws, wings of bronze and breath as foul as corpses, her hair is a nest of poisonous snakes, alive and hissing. Catch her eyes and she’ll turn you to stone!

We will be reading these myths and more and will use the magic of the stories to inspire our art work. 


During our topic on Ancient Greece, we will be looking at the impact that the Ancient Greeks had on society today.In Science, be prepared to be electrified with our topic on  electricity. We will also be investigating light and shadow later in the term. We will be studying mountains in Geography. In RE, we will be looking at the beliefs and practices of Islam and Christianity. 

Please click  on our Autumn Term Curriculum Planner  for more detail on the exciting work we have planned for each subject area this term

Why not take a look at our Annual Curriculum Planner, which is attached to the bottom of the page to see what we have planned for the whole year? 



This Week's Learning Journey

Date: Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

This week we will be learning about:



This week, we will be writing a set of instructions to inform children in other classes how to make a Medusa Mask.

We will be looking at examples of instructional texts and identifying and highlighting the features.

We will plan our writing and then will write our instructions making sure that we have included all the features. 

We will edit our work- Have we included imperative verbs? Have we used adverbs? Have we used bullet points to list our equipment?

In Grammar lessons, we will be sorting words according to their function. We will also be looking at the function of the colon and semi-colon.

Reading - we will continue to read daily in our Guided Reading session. Please ensure that your child is reading at least 4 times per week at home. Please fill in and sign the reading diary.


 We will be working from Maths No Problem. 

We will start our topic on fractions and will begin by simplifying fractions.

We will then compare and order fractions.


 We will review our work on electricity and complete an assessment.


We will learn about Zakah - what it is and why Muslims think that it shows commitment to God.


We will examine the weather on mountains and identify the risks on mountains. Given all the information they have learnt about life in the mountains so far, would the children like to live in a mountainous environment or not? 


We will discuss the Olympics. What do the children already know about the Olympic Games? Have they ever watched them? When were they last hosted in Britain?


PE will take place every Monday and Thursday. Mrs Godley will be doing Netball on Monday and Mr Bundy will be doing Tag Rugby on Thursday.Please ensure that you have the correct kit.


We will continue looking at online safety. We will identify the benefits and risks of mobile devices broadcasting the location of the user/device. We will identify secure sites by looking for privacy seals of approval, e.g. https, padlock icon. We will identify the benefits and risks of giving personal information and device access to different software.


PPA will be on Thursday afternoon and will be PE with Mr Bundy and French and Music with Mrs Riley.



Homework will be given out on a Friday to be completed for the following Thursday.Maths homework will be set on My Maths ( if you do not have access to a computer please let me know). Grammar homework will be set in the CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book. When the Grammar homework has been completed, please mark the work using the answers in the back of the book ( the books will remain at home). We will go through the answers in class before the next work is set.Bedrock will also be set online. Spellings and times tables tests will be set on the Brain Builder which will record the homework for the week and any extra information needed. Tests this term will be every Friday.


Please click on the pencil to download your homework Brain Builder : 20.11.20


Reading Record Diary

It would be great if parents/carers could hear their child read regularly and fill in the diary every time. We would like every child to read a minimum of four times per week. Year 6 are encouraged to read independently also, and need to fill in their Reading Diary every time they read. Parents/carers should sign the book weekly please.This diary will be beneficial to assess how much reading your child is doing.

PE Kit

Could we please remind you that PE kit is a yellow top with school logo , black shorts and trainers. If the weather is cold, please bring black track suits or black jogging bottoms( with school logo) and long sleeved tops in the school uniform colours.PE will be on a Monday and Thursday- at the present time, please come to school dressed in your PE kit on those days.

PPA Activity

Our PPA activity this half term is PE and Music and French with Mr Bundy and Mrs Riley on Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that you have your appropriate kit in school.

Water Bottles

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school everyday and that it is clearly labelled with their name.Water bottles need to be returned home and washed each night. 


Children have been asked to bring any equipment that they need into school in a wipeable pencil case. Equipment will be provided for anybody who needs it. Pencil cases will be stored in your child's own tray. Reading diaries and reading books will need to be brought in daily.






If you need to ask me anything or have any problems, I am always available before and after school. Please do not hesitate to contact me-at the moment, with the current situation, this would best be done via email or by phone. Please email

I am looking forward to getting back to school and working hard with your children this year. 

Mrs Walker






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