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Weekly update: Monday 13th July



Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the last week in my class. I can't believe it has come around so quickly yet it seems so long since I last saw you. Many of your parents will have come to school to collect your reports on Friday and you will already know whether you are in Mr. Golds' or Mrs Windel's class in September. If you have not collected your reports please do so today (Monday). I am really sorry that we did not get to complete our year in the normal way but I am so proud of everything that you have achieved this year. I hope that you will come and see me in September and will tell me all about your Summer holidays. I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back in school in September. Take care all of you. Lots of Love Mrs. Lindblad xxx




Zoo Week




Gargoyle Week





Rocket Week


George,Edie and Ethan also sent me some amazing videos of their rockets. These can be found on the Alsager Highfields Facebook page and in the gallery section of our webpage. 



Thank you all for completing the 'Star Reader Test' during the week before half term. I hope that you all got the email letting you know what your reading level is. It really is important that you continue to read every day. As I've always said, reading is the most important thing that you can do. It develops your imagination and vocabulary and if you can read confidently you can learn about whatever you like! When you've finished a book please take the Accelerated Reader Quiz and you can find out what level your books are at home by using the AR Bookfinder website.


Thank you to everyone who sent me their mosaic pictures. I can tell that you enjoyed creating them. Can you tell what they all are? 


Some Children also sent me pictures of their science experiments. Both the rainbow and volcano experiments seemed to be a success so I will continue to add science experiments this term too. I hope that you enjoy them.


It was lovely to receive photos of your VE Day celebrations. Here is a selection of them:



Each day I will set 2 Maths activities (White Rose and RM Easi Maths), 2 English activities (Nessy and 1 other) and a curriculum activity for the afternoon. It is my intention that you will complete at least one maths activity and one English activity but I hope that some of you might do both. You should try to work on maths and English for about an hour each, each day. I would also like you to do reading every day as normal.


Please always remember that during this time you must do what works for you. If either parent or child is finding things difficult please stop and email me so that we can work things out together. Above all, try to enjoy being together. Do things that you enjoy ... we can sort the rest later.



At the bottom of this page there are some 'Files to Download' and you'll find one for every day of the week. If you have any problems please email me and I'l try to help you as much as I can. Also in the 'Files to Download' are things that might help with some of the work - I've tried to label them as clearly as I can.


Remember that I love getting emails from you so if you have chance please write to me. Please tell me which work you have enjoyed doing and try to send photos of what you've done .... I promise that I will write back.


One of our activities was to draw or create a model of the Earth's layers. Here are some of the photos that I received.




I asked you to draw a Roman Soldier and you did a fabulous job. Well done!





Some of you also enjoyed creating your own cross section of a Roman Road. Thank for sending your photos. Ethan and George's Roman Roads are below. What a great job!






Sloof Lirpa Bird - 1st April

Well done to those of you who went looking for the Sloof Lirpa Bird on April Fool's Day. I hope that you had fun! Mrs. Reardon, Isaac, Maisie, Summer, George and Molly saw it...and here's the proof!




Rainbow Pictures

Thank you for those of you who have sent me pictures of your rainbows. I'm sure that they are making people smile as they walk past your house. Here are some that I received. Mason sent me a photo of his rainbow that he gave to his Nana and Grandad to let them know he was thinking of them. What a lovely idea Mason smiley





Remember that although P.E. is not on the daily plan it is important to do some kind of physical activity every day. This might be going for a walk with your family, setting up an obstacle course in the garden or working out with Joe Wicks. Send me a photo to let me know how you are keeping fit.




Don't forget that if you're on Accelerated Reader you can now take the quizzes at home. Go to the 'Home Learning' header on the Highfields website and you'll find Accelerated Reader there.                                





Love Music Trust have sent us some singing and music activities to do while we are at home. You can do them on your own or with your family. Please go to the 'Home Leaning' header on the Highfields Website to find out more. Don't forget that singing makes us feel HAPPY smiley.


I hope you have a good week. Please email me if you need any help. Missing you all lots.



Mrs. Lindblad x



Orignial Post

Mrs Lindblad's Home Learning Page

This will be our new page for us to keep in touch whilst you are all learning from home.


I will add photos and images of work shared with me and things that you are doing at home.


I will also update the current Monster Multiplication and Nessy champions on a weekly basis.


In your home learning packs sent home on Friday, you should've found your grammar books (if it wasn't in the envelope you already have it at home), a maths text book and blue book and an art sketch book to get creative in. Mrs. Windel has added a special arts page with additional links, not just the 'Draw With Rob' that we talked about together last week.


Accelerated Reader is open for you to do testing at home during the day now, just remember to use the ARBookfinder page to see whether your book has a quiz.


Purple Mash work will be sent to me and I will try to check this regularly.

I will also be checking my emails as regularly as I can.  My email is








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