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Week beginning Monday 13th July

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This is a lovely book that you might enjoy which talks about some of the worries we all may be feeling right now.  Click on the picture to read the digital copy. 

Hi everyone!

Well it is the last week of term and for you as Year 1 children!  It was a very strange end but I would like to say how much I enjoyed having you all in my class.  It has been lovely getting to know you all and watching you grow and learn.  Even though it was cut short we did manage to have lots of fun and do some amazing things, so thank you all heart.

This week we will be learning about the castles and knights. There is lots to read about this week so you may need some adult help.

There are lots of activities for you to enjoy and I have added an activity booklet for you to enjoy over the summer holidays.

I am in school again this week with some of the year 1's, completing the work in the classroom.

Here are last weeks pictures for you to spot your friends in and see what amazing work you are all doing at home.

George grew some Kale in his garden!

Well done Jack on completeing the last week of home learning activites.

Jack has also written a lovely story which I have added as a file below for you all to enjoy.

Noah has written some books about caterpillars and one about dinosaurs.  I have added his work as a file to read.  He had added pictures too, so have a look.

Noah has written his own book which I have added as a file for you all to read below. Some of you might spot your names as characters!

Oh my word, Noah has written a second book!  This time our whole class blast off to space yes

I have added it as book 2 below so get a drink and a biscuit and enjoy the read!

 Don't forget to send me your pictures so I can add them here.

You can if you wish continue with your RMEasimaths, Numbots, Purple Mash and Nessy alongside any of the work that I have set this week.   

  I have loved looking at all of your pictures and displaying them here for you to see, so keep them coming.  

Please remember to read as much as you can and continue to use Purple Mash, RMEasimaths and Nessy if you wish this week, but have some fun too!

Keep sending your photos and have a great week.

Stay safe, love from Mrs H x


The DfE has published guidance for parents and carers on supporting their children’s education during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Guidance on helping primary school aged children learn at home can be found here:

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