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Week beginning Monday 25th May


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Hi everyone!


Well it's the end of another week and half term, so a week with no home learning.  You can if you wish continue with your RMEasimaths, Numbots, Purple Mash and Nessy.   

  I have loved looking at all of your pictures and displaying them here for you to see, so keep them coming.  I will make a new video over the half term to replace the old one as I now have a lot more pictures to add so keep your eyes peeled!

Here are a few from this week of some othe work you have been doing at home.

Ben has been busy building his dream home and he is getting very handy in the kitchen.

Bella has been working hard on her homelearning activities. yes


Here are the pictures from last weeks learning that I will leave here for now for you to enjoy.


Heidi and Lyla have created some amazing solar system pictures already!yes

Bella has done an amazing job with her phonic aliens!

Xander has worked hard at his alien's and his porthole.

Amber has made a great space porthole.

Here are Lyla's alien creations and Bella and Xander's rockets. Great work!smiley

Well done Holly for working so hard at your maths.yes


Jack had fun creating his aliens.


Please remember to read as much as you can and continue to use Purple Mash, RMEasimaths and Nessy if you wish this week, but have some fun too!

Keep sending your photos and have a great week.

Stay safe, love from Mrs H x


The DfE has published guidance for parents and carers on supporting their children’s education during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Guidance on helping primary school aged children learn at home can be found here:

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