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Welcome to the Autumn Term 2020

Welcome back and a very warm welcome to the Autumn Term, the start of a brand new year. It is so nice to see all the children back at school, hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles, and they have adapted brilliantly to our new arrangements and routines so that we can welcome everyone back safely. 

I am so much looking forward to this year and this page is intended to help you feel involved and informed of everything we are planning to do. We will be working on both the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum to cater for all of the children in class, and we will be working really hard. We have some really exciting learning opportunities planned for you throughout the year, different topics to look forward to and for everyone great fun which will hopefully create lasting memories. 


English - What is planned for your first adventure?                      

This term we will be looking at stories from Ancient Greek mythology which will inspire our writing using 'The Orchard Book of Greek Myths'. We will also be using other books and sources of material including video clips to bring the stories to life. 


Join us and be ready for heroics; of being lost in a maze and finding yourself face to face with a fiercesome Minotaur; from not being able to resist temptation - letting out dangerous and strange beings from a box you were given but told never to open; to fighting a monster living on the edge of the world, who could turn you to stone with just one look; or being so besotted with gold that everything you touch turns to gold, including your own daughter. Imagine that!


What else is there?

We will be linking our English to studying the Ancient Greeks in History. Exploring who they were; their Empire; their use of democracy and what impact this has had on our civilisation; the origin of the Olympics; the Battle of Marathon; the Trojan war and of course the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Our Geography ties in nicely as we are going to be investigating mountains, both in the UK and around Europe, which of course will mean us exploring Mount Olympus - the home of the Gods. And in Science our first half of the term promises to be electrifying, and then after half term it becomes darker as we explore shadows and light.                                  

Our Curriculum 

The Autumn Curriculum planner will provide you with more information on the range of exciting learning activities we have planned across all areas of the curriculum. You will be able to see a variety of ideas so please do take time to look at it. Just click on the link below

Autumn Term Curriculum Planner

Our Annual planner is also available so that you can have a look at the breadth of learning opportunities planned across the whole year. Again, just click on the link below.

Annual Curriculum Planner


Keep up to date with our weekly Learning Journey:

 Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

English - This week we will be exploring our new genre of Instruction Writing. We begin the week exploring adverbs, which are a natural feature of instructions and then move on to analysing a set of instructions, identifying the features that are present. We will then look at producing our own set of instructions using the masks of Medusa as our inspiration.

We will also continue to embed our use of 'Spelling Shed' which has proved enjoyable so far. The children will be accessing the site, playing games and learning their spellings set.


Maths - In our Maths this week some children will continue with word problems, solving them with the use of bar models and identifying what operations are needed to reach a solution. Other children will explore fractions, including  comparing and ordering a range of different fractions, and also begin to add or subtract.

We will also be continuing with our journey on TTRS - the times that the children are achieving are amazing. Well done to all the children for working so hard to improve their recall.


Science - We begin our new topic on Light, including learning about how we see and recognising that light travels in straight lines, being able to draw diagrams to prove this.


Geography - In our topic on mountains we will examine how climate can differ in different mountain ranges and how this also changes with the seasons. We will also explore the risk associated with sudden changes in weather in the mountains. 


Music - Our focus returns to jazz and the different styles in which this can be played and the different instruments which can be used. We will be listening and appraising different pieces and forming comparisons between them.


ICT - We will continue our topic on Spreadsheets. We will use formula to change numbers within a spreadsheet based on a real life model and also experiment with setting up spreadsheets to show times tables and convertion of measurements.


PE- Our PE will be on a Wednesday and a Friday. We will look at our individual different skills, used for different sports, such as throwing and catching, both underarm and overarm; and fielding and batting techniques. We alsocontinue to develop the different skills involved in Tag Rugby. 


Guided reading continues in small groups within the class.

The children have their own book and after reading, will be answering questions on what they have read, building on their understanding and comprehension. The children will still have the opportunity to read at least twice a week having ERIC - Enjoyable Reading in Class. This will be along with the myths we will be exploring in our English and History topic. 



A picture containing clipartDescription generated with high confidenceThis will be sent home every week on a Friday but is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday. It can be found outlined on our Brain Builder and will be added to our class page weekly. It will consist of spellings and times tables to learn (for a test on the following Wednesday); Maths (set online using MyMaths or Purple Mash), Grammar skills - to be completed in the book sent home and online comprehension using Bedrock Learning.  If your child is experiencing difficulty in accessing online homework then please do let me know. 

Please click on the pencil which will link to our Brain Builder for your homework 20.11.2020

Reading Record Diaries

Please continue to encourage your child to read at home at least 4 times a week. In Year 5 and Year 6 we are encouraging the children to be more independent and record their own reading in their reading diaries, however we would like you to sign or comment in your child's diary at the end of the week so we know that this is happening -  this is greatly appreciated. 


PE and PPA

This half term we will be having PE on a Wednesday with Mr Bundy and a Friday with myself so please remember, at the moment, to come to school in your correct PE kit. (Our PE kit is a yellow t-shirt with the school logo, black shorts and trainers; if it is cold, black track suits are allowed, or long sleeved tops in school colours. There are black joggers and black jumpers available with our logo on). During PPA the children will also be having French and Music with Mrs Riley.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. The children can currently bring two water bottles to ensure that they have access to sufficient refreshment during the day.


Please make sure your child only brings in what is necessary for school as we continue to adapt to new routines and procedures. The children should store their pencil cases in their tray, and preferably should be ones which can be wiped clean. They will need to bring in their reading diary and reading book daily; lunch boxes if required and water bottles. All of these will be returned home each day and where possible should be cleaned before coming back to school the following day.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I can be contacted through the school office using the email address below or by phone. I will then endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

Meanwhile please do make use of the website links and other information below.

Dates for your diary






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