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Welcome back and I hope that you all had a fantastic Easter.

We are now doing SWIMMING on Tuesday afternoons.

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school from Monday through to Friday just in case.


English: The Story Topic for this term is ....... 'The Chocolate Touch' by Patrick Skene Catling.....

The Chocolate Touch By Patrick Skene Catling

Please see Summer Curriculum Overview file below.


Dates for your diary this term

Our class assembly willl be on Thursday May 23rd 9.10am.

Friday 7th June pm Highfields Music Festival

Thursday 27th June Town Sports

Monday 1st July Trip to Cadbury's World

8th July Activity Week


This term we will again be following the White Rose Hub Maths scheme for Year 3 and Year 4.  We will start off by focussing upon fractions and decimals before moving onto money, statistics, time, properties of shapes, mass and capacity and  finally position and direction.  Also, our general arithmetic will continue throughout.

(Please see Maths coverage documents below)


Year 3 and 4 will give the children the chance to study various artists through history and look at the techniques they used to create their art. the children will experiment with different materials to create their own artwork. 

During the summer term we will be looking at the work of MC Escher. 

Image result for mc escher

Here is a link to a website to make your own Escher inspired tessellations-



Please could you provide a healthy snack for your child to eat at playtime. Toast and various other items are available should you wish to purchase it.  There are even bacon butties available on a Friday!


Kit: Pumps or Trainers, black track suit bottoms or shorts (weather dependent), yellow school t-shirt and black jumper..


Please read with your child daily as this will have an impact on all areas of their learning.  They have a planner that you can date and record their reading in.  You may wish to write a comment but please do not feel that you have to.

If you wish to pass on a message to me, please feel free to write it in their planner but please ask your child to bring it to me in the morning as we do not check the planners every day.

If your child wishes to read their own books from home then just go to the website: http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/UserType.aspx and put in the title of the book to find its BL level.


The children have spellings given every Friday.  They are  tested on a Friday morning and given new spellings on a Friday afternoon.  They have a green book in which to write out a sentence for each spelling word.  This may be tricky some weeks, so please feel free to help your child compose their sentences.

If your child does not complete this homework, then they will be expected to attend the Friday lunchtime homework catch-up club.  This will be a half an hour session run by either myself, Mr Smith or Mr Golds.



Children receive a maths based online homework every Friday which will be due in by Friday the following week. Occasionally your child will get paper based Maths homework sheets based upon the topic of the week.

Your child will also receive Grammar homework in their white Grammar books. (I have left the answers in the back, just incase you need to check or mark their work. wink

The children also have times-tables to learn.  Your child will know what table they are on and the test takes place every Monday.  They will work through all of the times-tables up to 12 at their own pace.  The test is a fast paced test of 24 questions in a random order to encourage a 'learnt by heart' skill.





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